Cooperative Money Sharing, Borrowing and Lending Strategies

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Cooperative Money Sharing, Borrowing and Lending Strategies

Hi, my name is Cora, and I love to share everything including money. However, that can get complicated. Luckily, I have learned how to navigate cooperative money experiences over the years. This blog has everything related to that concept. I plan to include posts on splitting bills with roommates, borrowing money from friends, taking out loans with other people, lending money to others and much more. If you like to approach money cooperatively, you have come to the right place. This blog takes my personal experiences as well as research I have done. Please, sit back, relax and explore these posts!

The ignored secret of inexpensive building

Although quantity surveyors are the root for any building project that is destined to cost less, in some markets they are also the most ignored service providers in the building industry. This is because many builders disregard the role of quantity surveyors to do it themselves. Some think it is an unnecessary cost. The bad news is that many builders end up spending twice as much as what they would have spent with the use of a quantity surveyor. It is not easy to stay on budget while constructing, but quantity surveyors can help your vision happen. Here is how.

They have experience

First of all, a quantity surveyor works with several clients like you and therefore has tried and tested approaches to cut costs. If you are to carry on with the building yourself, you will require a great deal of time to find out the prices of materials and labour. A quantity surveyor will of course cost money, about 4 per cent of your entire building budget, but it is worth it. They will help you save time because they know every step needed to conclude the project in time. You will find that a building that would have been completed in two months, with the supervision of a quantity surveyor, gets constructed in a month, for example.

Accurate cost plans

Quantity surveyors know the prices of building materials and know contacts and suppliers. When you hire them, they will contract suppliers for you, giving advice on contractual claims. They know where to get every building material for a cheaper price. They therefore advise on procurement strategies and analyse costing for tenders. When you hire a quantity surveyor, you have hired a manager for your project. They are there from the start and will help to guide the construction job, give you financial and progress reports and manage your project cost effectively.

You can easily get funding with the use of a quantity surveyor

It's like hiring a writing company to write for you a project proposal that you are to use to seek funding. Similarly, the way in which a quantity surveyor will present your building costs is professional and business-like. If you are seeking a bank loan to finance your construction, chances are that the loan manager shall be convinced by your use of a professional. Because of inflation and market price changes, a bill of quantities may not be as accurate, but with the help of a surveyor, it will be close to the actual amount required for the building. .